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Using the archives

The collections on migration within the Migration Institute of Finland are available for all, and most of the material is freely available for researchers and others interested in the topic.

The physical material can be studied within the Institute; they can be borrowed and taken out only for exhibition purposes well accounted for. However, the digitalized material can be copied and studied also outside the Institute. The current process of digitalization of the archives makes it possible for the Institute to pass electronically more information directly to its clients. As of 2016, the grade of digitalization of widely requested private letters was circa 60 %.

The archive material used either inside or outside the Institute is subject to a contract which defines, among other things, the purpose of using the material as well as the conditions related to publishing it.

Material in good condition can be photocopied against a payment; nevertheless, if the material is already found in digital form, the copying is without any charge.

For further information contact directly the archivist.

To make the search easier, the Institute has started to publish abstracts of the finding aids (in Finnish) on its website.

If you are planning a visit to the archives, we recommend contacting the archivist in advance.


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