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There is a huge amount of information in the collections of the Migration Institute of Finland that will help in a search of emigrated relatives. Emigrants' descendants searching for their Finnish roots may also find clues there.

Genealogists have the full use of the archive materials, such as letters, photos, microfilms and other documents. The library holds, for example, Finnish expatriate societies' and organizations' year books, local histories, Finnish expatriate newspapers and magazines, family history publications and other related literature.

Emigrant Register

The Migration Institute of Finland also assists genealogists by maintaining the emigrant register, which holds information about tens of thousands of emigrated Finns. The main databases of the register is available online.

The main databases in the register consist of the passport lists of the County Administrative Boards and magistrates, the passenger lists of the Finland Steamship Company Ltd (FSC) and the so called newspaper and literature reference database. Furthermore, the databases concerning Finns in Australia and New Zealand, and the Finnish Russian and Ingrian victims of persecution are available online. There is also a number of smaller files and indexes, which are not yet available online.

  • In the beginning of the year 2013, the databases contained over 800 000 records in total.


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