Guest Lecture

October 16, 2017
Migration Institute of Finland will host an open lecture on Monday October 23, 3 pm – 4 pm.

Always on the Move: Commuters between Estonia and FinlandKeiu Telve

Over the last decade the number of people in Estonia who are internationally commuting weekly or monthly between Estonia and some other country has grown. Demand for extra labor in nearby countries, economic crisis in Estonia, negative wage gap and better working conditions in neighboring countries are some of reasons why people are choosing this untraditional way of life. Working abroad is affected also by the need or a wish to improve one’s family economic situation. Men are driven by masculine pressure to take the responsibility for the whole family, but being exposed to new society and experiencing different work rhythm are starting to change the previous family life anyhow.

In her talk Telve introduces the category of "good migrant". Estonians who are living/working in Finland consider themselves in a good position in context of multicultural Finland and also open what has this the impact of cross-border commuting on close relations.

Keiu Telve has master's degree in ethnology from University of Tartu and she graduated 2015 with a thesis Qualitative Approach to Work Migration: A Case Study of Estonian Male Commuters in Finland. At the moment, she is dong her PhD in ethnology and human geography at University of Tartu and University of Eastern Finland. She belongs to two research groups "Inequalities in Motion: Transnational Familiesin the Estonian-Finnish Context" and "Inequalities of Mobility: Relatedness and Belonging of Transnational Families in the Nordic Migration Space" and continues to study cross-border mobility and her main research interests are work migration, cross border movement, family-life and transnationality.

Lecture is open to public, welcome!

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